Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Some Catch Up Stuff

Wow... it's been a while. I know when I've been busy with work, because that's when I don't blog. Well, I do blog, but it is career oriented, and therefore not here. This week my home blog and career blogging collided in a totally random and unexpected way. It made me realize just how small the world really is, and the internet has made it so. I also realize that while most of the world is in a recession, our town is not feeling the crunch like a lot of other places in Canada. It can't be otherwise the last three weeks I would not be so busy with clients... business would be dead like it was in November and December when the media bombarded us with constant bad news.

Since I last wrote our step-nephew came to visit and finished siding the house and put up the soffits. That is what he does for a living and he happened to have a few weeks without work where he lives... so he came to work for us. He did an awesome job and it was a real treat to have him work/visit/stay with us.

Husband has been sorting everything out of the garage and has amassed a pile of tools. As we were building the house he kept putting tools in various parts of the garage, basement and steel storage container etc. Then he couldn't find the tool he needed when he needed it, so had to buy a second. Now we have lots and lots of tools and tape measures. (I don't think we are the only ones that have ever done this)

On Sunday we had another snow fall warning and received 25 cm overnight. I got stuck in the driveway on my way to work... I do have a four wheel drive vehicle, but it didn't help. I think the first clue that I was going to get stuck was the fact that the snow was higher than the bottom of the car door. Anyway I had to cancel all my appointments and rearrange my Tuesday.

Because I have been working so much I haven't done much around the house. Tomorrow I really need to bake some bread - we bought bread the other day (FOR SHAME!) I can't even remember the last time we actually had store bought bread. I should get some yogurt started too. And make some laundry detergent and floor cleaner as I'm almost out. I better not be lazy tomorrow!