Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life Changes Quickly

I thought it was time I posted something on the blog as I have been very quiet lately.  Honestly I haven't felt like blogging.

Husband was hospitalized unexpectedly on February 1st and had a minor surgery.  Since then he has been housebound with the homecare nurses coming everyday to change dressings etc.  Today he is scheduled for a second surgery.

Life has changed quickly and unexpectedly. 

We had to cancel our vacation to Mexico which we were to take with my entire family to celebrate my parent's 50th anniversary (it would have been our first vacation in 6 years!).  Husband won't be starting any of the plants this year, but fortunately a friend has said she will start several varieties of tomatoes for us.  We had planned to hatch out some chicks, goslings, and ducklings this spring but I am thinking I may just do some chicks later in the springs. 

Right now I figure the less work and committment the better.  I don't know how long to expect for his recovery time.

Of course the snow keeps coming.  Luckily Son is old enough now to take on the responsibility of driving the tractor to clear the snow.