Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bushes and Trees

Here is our cherry tree... It appears that we have somehow killed this one too. That means we have murdered two cherry trees in the span of three years. I have no idea how managed to do that as we have babied this tree and made sure it always plenty of water. We feel that perhaps it is our clay soil that is the problem - maybe the cherry needs a better draining soil.

The three apple trees are doing alright, but the one tree is about to blossom but has no leaves yet. If you closely at the photos you an see the red buds getting ready to open.

The four black current bushes are completely loaded with tiny blossoms. It looks like we will get another bumper crop again this year.

Stawberries have been spreading like crazy and are beginning to flower. Unfortunately our soil is also perfect for horsetail which grows vigorously amongst the plants. I weeded it out last weekend, but it doesn't take long before it is up again

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mother Goose

The goose has been laying eggs since January and she has produced about 50 eggs so far. She hasn't paid them any attention and I h ave been removing them from the nest.

About two weeks ago she became broody with the last egg. She will only get off the nest for a few minutes here and there to eat and drink. I suppose (if the egg is fertile) we will have a gosling running around in another couple of weeks.