Friday, September 9, 2011


With our wet, cold summer the garden hasn't been doing very well.  The peas, beans, carrots, potatoes, zucchini and leek are growing in abundance (obviously liking all the rain) and the rest of the produce growth seems pretty stagnant. 

The one huge surprise is GRAPES!  Though in our climate we have to cheat so the vines are in the greenhouse.  Husband planted them and this is the third year of growth.  Last year I think we shared 5 grapes between the family.  But this year we will have a bumper crop!  Grape jelly is soon to be on the way...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I'm gonna kill that fox....

I am so frustrated that I couldn't sleep last night and ended up crying this morning.... maybe it's hormones, but most likely it's that damn fox!

He's been around a lot over the past month sneaking off with the odd hen.  Well I thought it was only one or two hens until I actually took count down by the hen house and we appear to be missing a lot of hens.  Then a few weeks ago our favourite rooster, Cockzilla, went missing one evening.  We searched and searched, but I knew when he wasn't on his roost by 6:30pm that he was a gonner.

Last night Donald, our drake Khaki Campbell duck, went missing.  The three remaining duck hens were wandering around aimlessly without him leading them.  Donald NEVER leaves his girls so I know that fox got him as well.

I like fox, but this has to stop, as I can't continue losing my livestock.  Son and Husband are prepared to shoot him if they see him on the property.  Until then I have to keep all the poultry locked up (no free ranging) which I hate to do.