Thursday, January 19, 2012

You Know Its Cold When....

#10 - The warmest jackets and boots are dug out of the closet

#9 - After saying goodbye to someone it is followed with a "Keep warm!"

#8 - You just want to stay in bed under the covers

#7 - The house begins to make loud cracking and popping sounds

#6 - You can't close or lock the outside doors because of the frost surrounding them

#5 - The dog doesn't want to go outside

#4 - The extension cord you use to plug in the car is frozen stiff (to heat the oil pan or the car won't start)

#3 - The ice is forming inside your windows

#2 - You have to bring some of the animals into the heated garage from the uninsulated barn

#1 - The eggs you pull out of the nesting boxes are frozen solid (and the coop is insulated and has a heat lamp)

Yes that is -38c!  (-36.4F)

But life here continues on as usual... schools, shops and businesses remain open. We just dress a little warmer and the topic of most conversations is the cold.