Thursday, February 18, 2010


Not much has been going on at the ol' homestead lately.

I feel like I am being consumed by paperwork. It is almost 2 years now since we moved in and I have to get my paperwork together to claim back the GST we paid on building the house and landscaping last summer. I spent most of yesterday sorting out and calculating receipts, and will be finishing it off today.

Then I need to get my business GST and bookwork in order for the close approaching tax season.

I also need to update our household budget that I have let slide over the past 2 weeks or so, and organize last year's paid bills and paperwork.

Mountains of paperwork! It is my own fault, I know. I hate having to deal with paperwork so I procrastinate until it MUST be done and by then it feels like an overwhelming mountain.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Olympic Flame 2010

I know I am really behind on posting anything lately. I've been busy with work plus everything else on our lives.

On January 29th the Olympic torch passed through our city and Husband, Son and I went to watch. One of Husband's coworkers was a torch bearer, so we stood outside to see him run with the flame. He is below on the right.

Son and I with flags in hand waiting for him to run by.

The Olympics begin on Friday and it has been unseasonably warm this year - they have been hauling snow onto the ski hills. My sister said the flowers are already blooming in the lower mainland. We still have snow here, but no where near what we had over the past two winters.