Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Vintage Bike

I am coveting this vintage inspired bike by from Opus.  

It was in my local bicycle shop, so I took it for a spin.  I soooo want this bicycle.

It was super comfortable
       I haven't sat upright on a bike for years
It feels better than hunched over a 10 speed or mountain bike

But at a price tag of almost $900 it is a bike to dream about.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Strawberries and Ice Cream

In our northern climate, strawberry season is finally here!  This is our fourth year with the strawberry plants and they finally producing more than just a few berries here and there.  

Last weekend I picked our first batch of red berries and filled half of the basket.  Subsequently, I have been picking berries every couple of days.

To best use the berries (other than eating them fresh of course!) we decided to make our own strawberry ice cream.    As a wedding gift years ago, we were given a Donvier Ice Cream maker.  We have used it in the past and it truly makes wonderful ice cream with ingredients that are normal and healthy (read: no artificial colourings, preservatives, etc)  It is easy to use as the interior cylinder is kept in the freezer and taken out and placed into the outer casing when it is required.  You assemble the turner, fill your ingredients and give a few turns every couple of minutes for about 20 minutes and at the end you have ice cream!

Donvier Ice Cream Maker

Homemade strawberry ice cream in my vintage polish dessert bowls
I also made homemade Strawberry Marguaritas with the Donvier. Sorry I forgot to take photos.  They turned out okay, but next time I will make sure the puree the berries more, add a bit more sugar or other sweetener and more rum (I'm sure one can never go wrong with more rum!)

I've decided with the hot weather we are experiencing that I'm going to use the Donvier more this summer for making frozen yogurt, ice cream, and drinks.  Guaranteed to be better than store bought.

Donviers can be purchased in two sizes I believe.  I have the larger gallon size which I know costs around $100 in my area, but I have seen them in thrift stores for only a few dollars.  If you're thinking of getting one, check to see if you can obtain one second hand as I would think most people only use the Donvier a few times and then get rid of it, like many other appliances that are not used every day.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Back to Work!

Today is an exciting day!  Husband has gone back to work - the first time in 5 months!  It has been hard on him with 3 surgeries and not being able to do much.  For most of the time he was not even able to sit, so crappy day time television was his main activity for the past months. He's been watching programs he would never normally watch; things like Judge Judy and Dr. Phil.  (Ugh!  but it has been a good thing to tease him about)  Though since recovering from the last surgery he has been doing better and has actually been out doing some gardening and working around the acreage.

Our son graduated from High School and is starting a new summer job today.  Hopefully he will be able to put some money away for University which he will begin in September.  He is pretty frugal, so I'm not worried, and he can still live at home for the next year.

Daughter just quit her job because she was not getting any hours, and she is hoping to apply for Son's old job at McDonalds.  Funny that they are both happy to work there, but refuse to eat at the establishment.

Me?  I'm still very busy with my job, but it has slowed down somewhat.  Now I have a bit of breathing room so that I can actually do a through cleaning of the house!