Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

It has warmed up over the past couple of days - yesterday up to 5c and today it is snowing very heavy wet stuff. I keeping looking at the seed catalogues and dreaming of spring. Realistically, I will not be able to plant a garden this year, but I think I may be able to start and grow some container cherry tomatoes and some perenniel flowers.

The plumbers and electricians are finished!!! The kids and I had to experiment with the dual flush toilets - they appear to work great. No wonder there are none in stock around BC - I guess I was lucky to find those last 3 in town!

I'm getting really anxious to move! We are hoping for next weekend, so there will be lots to do over the next few days. Mainly finishing the baseboards and casings, installing the tile backsplash in the kitchen, building the front and back decks, putting in the closet organizers, and cutting the vent holes for the rangehood fan and dryer vent.

I spent the morning looking for window coverings, arranging the alarm and sattelite installations, and buying groceries for tonight's Valentine meal. I also had to pop into my office to drop of a completed contract that I forgot to hand in yesterday.

This evening we will be going to Costco to purchase some furniture for the office, as our current home office has everything built in.


the Bag Lady said...

Ooh, you must be getting so excited! The Bag Lady envies you - it's always so much fun to move into a brand new place!
It has warmed up here, too. It's +4 right now, and the Bag Lady is looking for an excuse to go outside.
You can keep the wet snow, though...