Thursday, February 7, 2008

The house is coming along... I spent a lot of time on the weekend finishing up the paint on the casings and baseboard.
The plumbers are here finishing everything off, and the sound system is being installed.
We noticed a chip in the kitchen counter which needs to be repaired (with a warranty!) - they have sent the counter top back once already.

Look at all the snow! There seem to be massive amounts this year, and it just keeps coming down.

More seed catalogues have arrived, so at least I can dream about spring:

Dominion Seeds

William Dam Seeds

Cottage Gardener - the best by far, as it describes a lot of history about the heritage seeds they offer.


the Bag Lady said...

The Bag Lady is dreaming about spring, too! Can't come soon enough this year. Seems as though this winter has been so miserable (even though most of it was quite mild, really...the Bag Lady is just a whiner!!)
Your place looks like it's going to be great - you must be getting pretty excited.
Thanks so much for having the Bag Lady on your blog roll!

Ekim said...

I keep having the urge to fly away and not return until the snow is GONE!