Saturday, February 16, 2008

The other night I caught a new show on the Food Network called The River Cottage Treatment. It's a british show hosted by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall of A Cook on the Wild Side fame. I have to say I really enjoyed the show... he had 5 people (I think) at the cottage and showed them the benefits, taste, and recipes for organic chicken. After seeing how chicken in commercial poultry farms are treated my daughter has decided there is no way she can ever eat chicken again if it is not happily farm raised and organic. Husband said "That's why we plan on raising our own chicken once we get settled".

I am amazed at how many people are so disconnected from their food. Okay, I'm a city girl, but I know about gardening and where my meat comes from. One of the men on the show couldn't even eat a vegetable other than potatoes! The host, Hugh, finally had him try some parsley saying it was an herb and not really a vegetable - the man almost vomitted and couldn't swallow that bit of greens. I was truly disbelieving that a person couldn't possibly like vegetables - it is unthinkable!

I pulled out an organic chicken from the freezer tonight - I know what we will be having for dinner tomorrow.

The movers have been hired.... for next Saturday at 9:00am! OMG I have sooo much packing to do this week. I'm not planning on going to the office other than Tuesday afternoon (of if I need internet as ours will be cut off on Thursday along with the phone).

I'm pretty tired tonight as I have spent the last two days filling nail holes on the baseboard and trim. I'm not sure how I will get everything done this week, but I know we will manage. At least I can move out some things (movers are mostly moving the large furniture) slowly as our current house is not yet up for sale.

Today was bright and sunny just above freezing. It was colder than the past two days that were 5 to 7c.


the Bag Lady said...

How exciting for you! I can sympathize, though, with the thought of all the work involved. But it will be worth it. Just think of the garden you will be able to have...

This is an acreage, right? Is it in a community of acreages? I'm just wondering if there will be rules about having animals...I know that some of the acreages around here won't let people have large animals (like horses), but I don't know the rules about smaller ones (like chickens).

The only problem I had with having chickens (we had 4 roosters for awhile - given to us as a joke) - I got so fond of them, I couldn't bear to slaughter them! We ended up giving them away to someone with hens. (How pathetic am I? Fond of roosters... sigh.)

Umburto The Great said...