Sunday, February 10, 2008

Our beautiful daughter wrote this:

Plastic is Harmful

I think plastic is not good for the environment. I will be
telling you 4 ways plastic is harmful to the eco-system .
Plastic bags are killing the marine life. For Example sea
turtles are mistaking plastic bags for jellyfish so when they
eat the plastic bags it may get caught in their throats or

Oil is polluting the air. 14 plastic bags use [in the making]
enough oil to drive a car 1.6 kilometres. That’s from
Heather Park to the Hart mall. Not far but still if that much
oil only goes into 14 plastic bags it is bad for the air we are

We should be able to recycle plastic bags for free not for
17 cents. We are the ones that should be getting paid for at
least we are trying to recycle.

Yes plastic bags are good for one to carry groceries home
from the store, but where do they end up after that. They
end up in the oceans, on the streets, in school yards, in the
forests, and many other places. There are more and more
plastic bags getting used and then just thrown away. Some
to the garbage and the others are just getting dumped
anywhere. Please help us save the environment and eco-
system by using fabric or reusable bags.

Thank you for taking your time to read/listen to my
article on how I think plastic bags are polluting the


the Bag Lady said...

Very nicely written. The Bag Lady is trying to do her part by trying not to use so many plastic bags. (She designed her unique CartSmart Bags to serve a couple of purposes)

How old is your daughter? She did a very good job of expressing her concern for the environment with this article!

Carpe Diem said...

Daughter is 11 (going on 21 ha ha).

She is studying environmental issues in school right now, which is good, as it ties into what we as a family are trying to do.

mnultraguy said...

Nicely written!