Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It has been a busy week, hence the lack of any posts.

Though 'spring' is officially here in date - you would never know it as I look outside. The snow just keeps coming down! Yesterday was wonderfully warm and the water ran off the roof. This morning's snow will cover up everything that melted yesterday. We still have about a metre of snow in the yard - a huge difference from town where it is almost all gone and the robins have arrived.

Husband set up a snow golf course over the Easter holiday. Son, Son's friend, and Daughter had a great time hitting tennis balls into the holes made of empty coffee cans and flagged with shovels and rakes. The the snow is deep, it is very crusty and strong enough so one can walk across it unaided. Though every once in a while you break through and have to struggle to get back up again (imagine one leg thigh deep in the snow).

My first seeds arrived in the mail from Heritage Harvest Seeds! They even included a free package of tomato seeds!!! How cool is that?

The other package that arrived this week was filled with the beeswax candles I ordered. Just in time for Earth Hour which we observed with all lights out... in fact we kept the lights out all evening.


mnultraguy said...

We are having the same weather. We have had 2 nice weekends and then snow storms that leave 4-8 inches of fresh snow. I know that the Spring is coming :)

the Bag Lady said...

Snow golf looks like fun!
And your seeds arriving must mean spring is just around the corner, don't you think?
The Bag Lady planted a bunch of seeds just yesterday for bedding plants.
Oh, and almost all our snow is gone, but keep expecting to get a bunch more dumped on us to remind us we live in Northern Alberta!!