Friday, January 2, 2009

In With the New

We had lots of fun on New Years Eve. We had been invited to a friend's home for a family party were we ate lots of good food, had wonderful conversation and played games. I guess there were about 15 people there and it really was a good time. Daughter was babysitting, but she finished early and managed to come at the tail end of the party.

The next day we went back for an afternoon of snowmobiling at their property. Luckily it was only -15c (5f), but everyone had rosy cheeks from being outside for several hours.

Daughter on a family friends snowmobile!

I have been thinking over goals for 2009. I don't want to commit to too much, as there is such a lot still to do on the acreage, but I have a few things that I definately want to achieve this year...

  • Build the hen house
  • Obtain our chickens (heritage breeds if possible) and meat rabbits
  • Grow tomatoes
  • Plant a garden (at least a small one if that is the only thing possible)
  • Re-organize the closets, drawers and cupboards
  • Get back on our budget
  • Pay off some debt