Thursday, January 7, 2010

1940's and 1950's Blogs

I've been reading a few blogs that have been extremely interesting and have gotten me thinking about the past (though not my past).

Destination 1940, and 50s times are blogs written by women who are changing their lives by 'living' in another era. I am interested in the era and am learning a lot of housekeeping/general life by reading their adventures. The 1940's are of interest to me, as are the recipes and the life of homemakers during World War 2. This is the era of my grandparents and my parents as children. I enjoy hearing stories of how my grandparents/parents survived during the war years and how they had to 'make do'. Unfortunately the citizens of waring countries have suffer, make do and survive no matter what 'side' they are on.
I can't help but to think that these women's experiment/journey is in fact very similar to my own journey. Namely, cooking from scratch and living a more simple (and perhaps more satisfying) life.

Jitterbug from Destination 1940 was totally unfamiliar with her kitchen and had basically no cooking skills. I often laughed when reading her posts as some of the things she did not know, which seemed to me 'no brainers' (such as where is the broiler in the stove? - in the oven or the drawer below?). I admire her for really taking a step to change her kitchen incompetence, to realize that cooking from scratch is actually very easy and more healthful. I also admire that she was able to add small 1940's housekeeping skills/methods to her weekly schedule and stick to it. So far I am about halfway though her blog posts and I enjoy them immensely. I am also learning about why certain things were done based on the culture and amenities of the time.

50sgal from 50s times has completely immersed herself into 1955. Last year she basically cut herself off from 2009 and only cooked recipes, read, dressed, watched tv and movies, and obtained news from 1955 and prior. I can't even imagine pulling off such a feat and sticking with it for an entire year! I have just scratched the surface of 50sgal's posts (as I want to finish the Destination 1940 first), but her writing is excellent and I'm very excited to read all the back posts.

Another blog I have been reading is The 1940's Experiment in which the blog author is trying to lose weight by following a regime of Britian's war time rations. Another adventure that I don't think I personally could follow. It is an interesting read and has some good/simple/healthy recipes.


venessa said...

Hi, it was great to come across your blog. I've been trying to find some like minded people interested/fascinated with 1940s values, as I've always gravitated towards that era, and have now started my own blog and have added yourself and a couple of others to my sidebar. Please get in touch!

Carpe Diem said...

Hi Venessa and thanks for stopping and by.
Yes I do love the 1940s and am very interested in the war time experiences. I also have a vintage blog that you may want to look at Unfortunately I don't always have a lot of time to update that one.

jenboller1950 said...

I love these two times to but i was talking to my great grandmother and her husband was going to go in the war so my grandmother and my grandpa packed his suit case and the next day the war was over my grandmother was on train and everyone got up and shouted the war is over.

Ann B. Kennedy said...

I am delighted to have come upon your blog!

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Anonymous said...

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