Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Complaints and Updates

Okay, okay, I'm getting complaints that I haven't posted anything to the blog in such a long time. Not that I haven't thought about it, and I certainly don't want to ignore it, but I have been so extremely busy with work that I really only have had time at home to eat and sleep. Needless to say I'm very worn down and have felt ill the past couple of days.

So here are the updates:

Weight Loss - Husband and I have both lost about 13 pounds since January 1st. My exercise goals unfortunately have falled by the wayside over the past three weeks. I have managed to get out and walk the last two days as it was only -7c and sunny. I have to admit it was wonderful to get some fresh air and for the stress relief (desperately needed).

Weather - Snow, snow, snow, and, oh, did I mention snow? Last week we had tremendous amounts come down and that is the talk of the town. Here are some photos taken Feb 28th (since then it has snowed at least another 15 cm (6 inches):

The sundeck (snowdeck?)

Front of house

One of the greenhouses just peeking out

The side of the house with my car

Cooking - I have purchases a few Cleaning Eating magazines and have been cooking their recipes. I often don't like the flavours of 'diet' recipes or they often use unhealthy food alternatives, but these recipes are nutritious, low calorie and extremely tasty.

Animals - all doing well. We have discussed adding some pigs to the acreage this spring and will raise some extras for friends and family (you can guess what that means - and it doesn't mean as pets) We will have to finish building the pole barn and get some fencing done once the snow is gone - but it looks like that will be awhile. I would also love to add a heritage breed of pig that we could perhaps breed in the future.

Garden - Husband is dreaming of plants. He's planning on building a new system for starting the seeds in the garage. He wants to build a multi-shelved trolley on wheels in which the grow lights are mounted above each shelf. Hopefully this will take up less room in the garage and he can wheel the plants outside to harden off.

Extras - Husband and I finished the intermediate class for ballroom dancing at the end of February. It was lots of fun as always. Now we need to practice all the dances we learned so we don't forget them. I'm planning on making a playlist on iTunes so that we can let the music run and dance in the livingroom once a week. Last week we started East Coast Swing (jive) lessons.