Friday, April 1, 2011

Assessing Winter Damage

I walked our around the acreage where I could (as we still have a lot of snow) to have a look at how things fared over the winter. The heavy snowfall has caused some damage expecially to the large greenhouse. We expected that the plastic would not hold up. It has been on the greenhouse for two years and the poly does breakdown eventually with sunlight. The main ridge pole on the roof broke in several places so Husband will have to repair it once the snow is gone and we can actually reach the greenhouse.

I decided to check on the apple trees that are still half buried, just to see if they were perhaps budding. And yes, there are some buds appearing on the ends of the branches.

Unfortunately I also spied two of the lower branches still in the snow had broken at the base. This is only on the tree closest to the shovelled walkway, so I don't know yet how the other apple or the cherry tree have made out.

I'm hoping that I will be able to repair the branches later. Something new to learn... I found some instructions here.

So far I'm not sure if there is any other damage, but as the snow goes down there may be things appearing.


Roasted Garlicious said...

BRRRRRRRR....... i hope spring comes soon!!!

plastic is terrible isn't it :( i have 'greenhouse' quality plastic for my little greenhouse it's suppose to be longer lasting... i'm hoping!!

Annie said...

How I would love to have a greenhouse as big as yours! Wow, I am having greenhouse envy just looking at it.

Winters here are rough on structures. I go out and knock all the snow off the top of the GH using a broom. It seems to help the plastic last a bit longer. Of course then I have to go around the outside edges and shovel a clear path, so the sides walls aren't stressed with all the snow.

The winter work is worth it tho for the summer bounty coming of out a GH!

Carpe Diem said...

Hi Annie,
Yes, the greenhouse is wonderful. We also have a smaller one (a Canadian Tire special) which is plastic and it has survived as son always knocks the snow off the roof. Husband is determined to build a third one this year - all the more tomatoes! The only way we can grow them is to put them in the greenhouse.

Jason said...

Greetings from the northern homestead. :) I'm sorry about your winter damage. It was an ugly winter in Alberta as well.. I put in several fruit trees last fall and am almost afraid to go check the lower branches once the snow pack melts down.