Sunday, April 24, 2011


It seems we have been baking over the past few days....
Daughter baked cupcakes at school and brought one home for me on Thursday.  Isn't it cute?  She even sculpted the little bunny herself out of marshmallow fondant that she made.  She's obviously much more artistically talented than me (and has more patience!)

Son busied himself baking Churros on Friday.  The only time we have eaten Churros is at the park on Canada Day where we frequent the international food booths.  He has made them before and the tasted BETTER than from the food booth!  This time they were a little doughy in the middle as I think the fry oil was a little too hot baking the outside faster than the inside.  He felt terrible that they didn't turn out proper, but they still tasted yummy and disappeared quickly.

I baked some hamburger buns and forgot them in the oven....  needless to say they were a little browner and a little crispier than usual.

I also made three loaves of Banana Bread using a new recipe which incorporates yogurt into the batter.  They turned out really moist.

To compliment our Easter dinner this evening I had planned to bake a chocolate cake with raspberry filling and whip cream.  I was just about to start when Daughter woke up and complained of not feeling well.  Upon looking at her swollen and speckled tonsils I hurried her to the walk in medical clinic instead.  She has strep throat, is achy and sore and now on antibiotics. 

Dessert ended up being Rote Gruetze (using the thrawed raspberries that were meant for cake filling) with whipped cream instead.