Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Happenings

Saturday was our 17th wedding anniversary and we had planned to go out to dinner to celebrate, but I ended up working all day and I just didn't want to have to go back into town. So instead we had a lovely BBQ of babyback ribs, potato salad and roasted peppers.

While I was away over the day, Husband found a tool hanger which he installed on the side of the hen house. I now have my scraper, shovel and pitchfork all in one place right where I need it!

We love our morning coffee and before I rushed off to work Saturday I noticed the electric drip coffee maker wasn't working. AAAaaagggghhh, nothing frustrates me more than our throw away consumer products! This coffee maker actually lasted for about 2.5 years so I guess I can't be too upset, as usually a coffee maker will last me 6 months. The silly thing is the machine works in the mornings only - its not like we have it on all day. So we decided that is it now; no more automatic drip machines, we would look for an old fashioned perculator. Do you know how hard those are to find??? I remember as a kid everyone had a heavy glass perculator that sat on the stove. I went to Northern Hardware, as they have almost anything you could ever possibly need, and they had one flimsy glass perculator and a metal stovetop one. I took the glass one up to the counter and the salesman convinced me it was not worth purchasing. He suggested the old type of electric perculator - I didn't even know they came in an electric variety. He said he has owned his for 6 years(!) and would never go back. All I had to hear was the 6 years and I was SOLD (even with the $60 price tag).

Here is our new electic perculator. It takes the same length of time to brew coffee as the automatic drip, but in comparison the coffee is really hot and actually stays that way.

Yesterday was cold out and Husband's back was bothering him again. He did some puttering around outside. I did laundry and hung some out to dry, then gave the kitchen a good cleaning.

Last night we candled some of the eggs in the incubator and it appears (to our novice eyes) that something is growing! Yeah!

I ran out of chicken feed yesterday, so this morning I'll have to run into town to pick some up. I hadn't planned on going into the office today (saving me a trip to town), but I guess I have to go now anyway. Today's plan is to clean house and take photos as I have been asked by the girls at Home Sweet Home to do a home tour on their blog. I'll let you know when my guest spot appears.


teenelizabeth said...

Next time, I highly suggest trying a French press. They're much cheaper and rarely break. I've had the same press for nearly 4 years and use it at least once a day, and I haven't even had to replace the glass carafe.

Carpe Diem said...

Hi Elizabeth,

You know I did look at the French Press and I know that they make delicious coffee, but Husband wanted something that would keep warm for a couple of hours. I also couldn't find one that made 12 cups of coffee.

Reduce, Reuse and Rummage said...

Hey, Happy Anniversary! It must have been unseasonably warm the year you got married, since I remember it being much warmer than this!

Jody said...

My wife and I have a reputation for being coffee snobs. Of all possible places, we're from Seattle. A friend in our new location, south central Pa, introduced me to the electric percolator a couple years back. May I say, it's the best coffee maker in the world. It can make even grocery store pre-ground brands taste great! I confess, it's hard for me to admit, but your post confirms it. I'm buying the family a percolator.

Carpe Diem said...

RRR - yes it was definately warmer that year, but I do remember that other sister still had a tiny patch of snow in her yard that day.

Jody - Wooo Hooo another percolator convert :) I'd say we're a bit of coffee snobs too - only freshly ground fair trade for us.