Thursday, June 23, 2011


I have extremely bad cracked heels and have suffered this condition for the past several summers.  Once I begin wearing sandals and open backed shoes my heels split, bleed, and develop deep cravasses.  I have tried everything including very expensive moisturizers containing urea (yes that means pee - luckily a synthetic one in this case) especially developed for split heels.  Nothing has worked so far, and I continue to suffer.

A couple of weeks ago I was listening to a BubbaTanicals podcast and he mentioned that the best thing to moisturize skin is petroleum jelly.  Duh, of course I forgot to try the least expensive method!  Well I ran out to the store and purchased a big tub for the paltry sum of $2.99, and guess what.... IT WORKS.  I slathered it on my heels and then put on some socks and within a couple of days my heels have healed!

I don't think I would use petroleum jelly for moisturizing anything else as it is very thick and greasy.  I'm really not familiar with the product and I didn't even use it when the kids were babies.  But for my heels that is the way to go!

For that past year or so I have been moisturizing my face and hands with coconut oil after reading about it on Crunchy Chicken.  I think the jar I purchased was around $12.95 and it has lasted me over a year now.  I was surprised that the oil is actually semi solid and then melts at body temperature (of course on a hot summer day it turns to liquid).  I've been really pleased using it as it is not too greasy and fairly light on my skin.  Unfortunately I haven't noticed any wrinkle reduction as Crunchy experienced :( 

Coconut oil appears to have a lot of health benefits and is antimicrobial.

My jar of coconut oil is almost out, so I purchased a new jar from the health food store.  Imagine my shock to find that a year later the price had doubled!  I guess it is another victim (or perhaps I should say we are the victims) of global food inflation.  Still it is cheaper than a lot of other commercial moisturizers and a lot better for you.

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Harold Shaw Jr. said...

We always use something called Bag Balm for that, works really good. It is for cows teets, but has a bunch of other uses and can get at local feed stores.

Carpe Diem said...

Thanks for the comment Harold. I had some Bag Balm years ago, but couldn't stand the smell.

Dani said...

I use a cream which contains Bee Propolis - and it is brilliant!! Like you I walk around in my sandals (crocs) for 9 months of the year - so my heels can become a mess. But this cream sorts them out in just a couple of days - and it smells nice LOL.

Apparently it is not advisable if you are allergic to bees.

Carpe Diem said...

I don't think I have ever seen any cream like that... perhaps they have it at the health food store. Unfortunately Husband is allergic to bees, but every year we still think about trying to keep a hive - guess whose responsibility THAT will be