Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday in Pictures and Commentary

Foxglove - my favourite flower but unfortunately doesn't grow in our climate.  So what is doing in the flowerbed?  Well, Husband started some foxglove seeds last year and they all died off with the exception on a couple which I planted in front of the house (south facing) to catch the heat.  It grew but did not produce any flowers.  In it the fall I didn't pull it out and the deep snow must have kept it fairly insulated.  This spring it started to grow again and now it has flowered!  I love it and so do the bees!

The front flowerbed has finally filled in with perennials - it is looking rather pretty with all the pink flowers!

The new permanent pig pen is finally complete!  The pigs are loving it as there is greenery (almost completely mowed down now) and lots of space to play.

This morning's collection of eggs.  Look at that huge one in the middle! 


Rae said...

Foxglove is a weed on our property, and my guy likes to mow it all down with the blackberries and scotch broom. I make him leave a few around the house for me. So pretty!

Carpe Diem said...

HI Rae, I can't imagine such a beautiful plant being considered a weed!

Shonya said...

pig pen looks nice, hope it's keeping them in!
and i just love the variety in eggs!!