Friday, November 11, 2011

Company Jump - Tribute to the Andrews Sisters

Today is Rememberance Day and we had tickets to see Company Jump - Andrews Sisters Tribute which was being performed in our city.

Husband and I (and the kids too) are big fans of the music from the 1940s and we usually have it playing in the house via Sirius Satellite Radio's '40s on 4' channel.  I think there was only one song played at this evening's performance that I didn't recognize, otherwise I was able to sing along (silently of course!). 

Anyway, this was a wonderfully entertaining performance featuring music of the era and a lot of comedic banter.  If you are a fan of the Andrews Sisters or 40s music and ever have a chance to see Company Jump, I urge you to go!  It is well worth the cost of the ticket.