Thursday, December 1, 2011

Great Kitchen Design

I am in need of reorganizing my kitchen.  I have a huge kitchen with lots of counter space, but sensible organization of my cupboards is lacking and I have been wanting to do some sorting/reorganizing for quite some time.

Yesterday I came across this great video from 1949 which has really gotten me inspired.  There are some wonderful ideas here.  I wish I would have seen this before we designed the kitchen as I really want that hole in the counter top for scrap depositing for compost and chickens.  Somehow I don't think Husband will allow me to cut a hole in the counter top now :(

I have some things to think about and a project for the weekend.  I know I can get the kitchen to work better than it currently does.


Humble wife said...

I love this video and can't wait to implement some things. Amazing how simple yet smart things were!!!!


Misty Meadows said...

I agree with HW! I love this kitchen!!! So much 'stuff' can be eliminated off of the counter!! I am already planning on using some of the ideas in this video. Thanks so much for finding this gem.

selfsufficient11 said...

love the video... great design. said...

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