Thursday, January 19, 2012

You Know Its Cold When....

#10 - The warmest jackets and boots are dug out of the closet

#9 - After saying goodbye to someone it is followed with a "Keep warm!"

#8 - You just want to stay in bed under the covers

#7 - The house begins to make loud cracking and popping sounds

#6 - You can't close or lock the outside doors because of the frost surrounding them

#5 - The dog doesn't want to go outside

#4 - The extension cord you use to plug in the car is frozen stiff (to heat the oil pan or the car won't start)

#3 - The ice is forming inside your windows

#2 - You have to bring some of the animals into the heated garage from the uninsulated barn

#1 - The eggs you pull out of the nesting boxes are frozen solid (and the coop is insulated and has a heat lamp)

Yes that is -38c!  (-36.4F)

But life here continues on as usual... schools, shops and businesses remain open. We just dress a little warmer and the topic of most conversations is the cold.


Frogdancer said...

Oh my lord! You need to move to Australia pronto!
I can't even imagine weather that cold. (The worst we get is about 4C in the depths of winter and then we complain like crazy.)

Country Life said...

Hi, just ran across your blog, it's interesting! I have never been in that cold of weather dont think I'll complain at our 1 to 3 degree (thats as cold as it gets) anymore! :)

Jacquelineand.... said...

You know it's cold when you welcome the smell of the kerosene heater being started up because, hey, at least you'll be warm!

Still, you have us beat by a mile; sending warm thoughts your way!

Carpe Diem said...

Really I think it ends up being what you're used to. I don't mind the cold as I can layer up, but I do not do well in the heat. Anything over +20c and I begin to feel ill and sloth like.

I actually find the extreme cold pretty exhilirating, and we know how to dress and keep warm. It all feels about the same after -30. The wind is the worst and this week with the windchill it has been between -40 and -45c.

jj said...

You, too, huh? We had to choose between running a heat lamp for the chickens and plugging in the car. I did not make it to work today - guess who won :)

Stay warm!

Ruthy said...

Dann weiss ich, wo unser Winter geblieben ist...wir haben hier +3°C, die letzten Tage waren es auch schon mal +9°C...
wenn ich bedenke, dass wir schon Pfingsturlaub in Kroatien mit Morgens grad mal 2°C hatten (wir campen)?
Wahnsinn. Hier im Wohnzimmer hab ich grad 21°C und mir ist kalt. Ich wünsch Euch schöne warme Kleidung - ich werd mich jetzt auch in einen schönen Wollpulli werfen.
Liebe Grüße, Ruthy

David said...

Great post! Oh and Keep Warm!

Jody said...

Brrr. I hope it's warmer this week.

Country Living in a Cariboo Valley said...

I identify with all of those too, I'm glad the cold snap (here at least) is over with.

It must have warmed up some by now?

And you're so right about just adding layers and's a much drier cold than on the Coast where it's so damp. I think that makes it a lot easier to deal with.

Stay Warm!

Karl B said...

Brrrr. Cold just reading that post!

selfsufficient11 said...

nice post... and keep warm.

dr momi said...

when the ice forms INSIDE the window....for sure it's cold!!! Glad we haven't had to deal with it yet! ....stay warm :-)