Friday, August 17, 2012

Quading weekend Aug 10-12

I had a request to post some photos from our quading trip with the ATV club which we did this past weekend.

On Saturday we started out at Telkwa, BC and drove over the mountains on the Telkwa Pass to Terrace, BC where we had lunch.  Then back again to Telkwa taking a side trip up Trapper Mountain just above tree level where there was a fantastic 360 degree view of mountains.

Rest break at a lake

Husband and I on top of Trapper Mountain

 On the Sunday we spent the morning in the mountains on the alpine.  This is above the tree level where there are meadows filled with wild flowers and as one reaches the higher altitudes the terraine become more rocky.

Still within the tree level

A huge rock in an alpine meadow left over from  glaciation.

This route doesn't look very scary, but it was!
Steep with loose rock and a narrow pass connecting 2 mountains.

A totally beautiful trip with some really nice people from the club.  Everyone driving responsibly and taking care not to go off trail.  The worst is seeing people who have driven across the meadows leaving tracks in the alpine.  No one wants to have these sensitive areas destroyed... but there' re always some idiots who just don't care or just don't know.


bev.parker1 said...

Oh my!! your pictures are truly stunning. I am so happy you had a lovely weekend...


Jody said...

Wow! You live in a glorious place!

janel raelyn said...

Your place is so nice! I would loved to have a vacation there!