Sunday, February 4, 2007

Temperature -9c

Yesterday was the first day of work on the property. Husband brought the Bobcat over and began to clear some of the snow away. We would like to begin building the large shed first, so that all the building materials can be stored and locked up for when the house building begins.

To our surprise the ground is not even frozen. A blanket of snow has insulated the ground before the really cold weather arrived.

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He will have to bring out chains for the Bobcat tires next time, so that he can manoeuvre better over the ground.

While husband was out moving snow, I was busy at home preparing a lunch and dinner to take out with us. Salmon rolls for lunch, and hot dogs, veggies with dip and a lemon sponge pie for dinner.

Husband was in the truck warming up when I arrived with the kids, and the Bobcat was parked at the entrance of the driveway.

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After lunch the start of falling trees and the burning of branches began.

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Husband with the chainsaw

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Kids being the keepers of the flame

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About 15 trees dropped that day

We also had three of the neighbours drop by while we were working to introduce themselves. I think its going to be a wonderful place to live.


Tracey said...

Wonderful photos! Looking forward to seeing how your farm progresses!