Friday, November 7, 2008

The Snow is Staying

It snowed yesterday. The first few centimeters of the winter. Kaiser had a great time romping in the front yard. I believe his first snow experience was a good one.

Now that winter has arrived, I purchased two more oil lamps. I have prepared them so that they will be ready in case of any power outages. We don't have that happen very often, but it is better to be prepared. Last winter (before we moved in, but were in the process of painting), a truck hit one of the power poles on the highway and our area was without electricity for a couple of days.

I have never used an oil lamp before, but Husband is quite familiar with them. He grew up in a very small town and they were frequently without power. Of course I lit one of the lamps and it smoked like crazy! He showed me that once lit, you actually have to move the wick down so that it isn't exposed.
Doesn't this tie in nicely with Pioneer Week?