Monday, January 12, 2009

The House is Buried

Well not quite...
With all the cold we didn't worry too much about the snow. But this weekend the temperatures rose to above freezing. Time to shovel off the roof!

Back of the house with Son on the roof.

Inside looking out - now that's a lot of snow!

The front fence is buried.

Front of house - siding not yet complete.
While Husband and Son worked on the roof, I dug out the siding and soffits from the snow.

I needed to dig out the greenhouse as I have some work related items I need to get out of there. For the 4th time this winter I shovelled the snow off the greenhouse roof.

Back of the greenhouse

Thankful for the tractor with snowblower attachment. Husband is getting the snow away from the the house... maybe we can look out of the window again!


Erich said...

I am eyeing that tractor with envy...

Carpe Diem Acreage said...

Hi Erich, I'm sure you have been dealing with getting snow off the roof too. Honestly, I am SOOOO glad that husband convinced me about the tractor! This winter's snow has been unbelievable. Though this is what I remember when I was a teenager for the amount of snow. Winters in general (at least the past 10 years) have become milder here.

Whitewolfe said...

Thanx for sharing your wonderful pix,

Greetings from Germany