Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Work? What's that?

The snow is becoming relentless. We have another snowfall warning in effect for today... 10-30cm again! I better go shovel off the greenhouse this morning before it collapses.

I'll be going into the office this afternoon. Work? What's that? It has been a really slow time for my business - needless to say that is why I have been able to be at home for the past 6 weeks or so. Luckily, I'm totally wired at home so that I can work from here if need be. Business seems to be picking up again - so it's off to the office to see clients today!

I am also suppose to drive out to the other side of town after 5pm to see other clients, but because of the heavy snowfall I think I will postpone.

I prepared Sloppy Joes in the crockpot so dinner will be ready when I get home. I'm just waiting for my buns to rise - I'll bake them just before I need to leave.

The dress that I wanted to reinvent into a pillow (I wrote about it in my last post) has been STOLEN! Daughter decided if she puts on a blouse underneath, wears knee socks and a headband, she can have a vintage look just like Nancy Drew.

Photo of Emma Roberts in the 2007 Nancy Drew movie

I began on a couple of my goals. I cleaned out one drawer full of papers and the budget has been established and begun.


LB said...

"waiting for your buns to rise"?


Carpe Diem Acreage said...

Hi LB! I didn't realize you had followed me over to this blog. Hey, don't make fun of my buns ;)

LB said...

oh no, I have been here ages, watching you disappear under increasingly large snowdrifts.....