Monday, December 7, 2009


The cold weather is upon us. We have been fairly lucky this year and it has been rather mild, but over the past few day the temperature has dropped. This morning it is -23c (-9f).

The other night Son was babysitting next door, and I walked over to bring him some dinner (it was a late dinner night for us and the young children he was looking after were already asleep). It was cold and dark and I had forgotten to bring the flashlight along - but it didn't matter. The sky was completely clear and the stars and moon were shining. I could see the Christmas lights on the neighbouring houses, and the tall trees were full of snow standing out against the night sky. It was so peaceful, and this is one of the reasons we moved into the country.

I like the cold weather and that may seem strange to many people. I have thought about the things that appeal to me:
  • I like to smell the smoke wafting from neighbouring homes that use wood to heat
  • I like to hear the squeek of boots on the snow when it is really cold
  • I like the way sounds are muffled by the snow
  • I like to watch huge snowflakes falling gently to the ground
  • I like to see the birds descend onto the Mountain Ash trees to eat the berries
  • I like seeing birds all puffed up to insulate themselves from the cold
  • I like to feel the squeeze of cold air on my lungs when the temperatures dip to -35c or lower
  • I like the coziness of looking out the window while I sit by the fireplace knowing that I am snug indoors
  • I like the way the snow sparkles on a sunny day - like it has been strewn with diamonds
  • I like to think of the homesteaders and pioneers that came before us, and marvel at how they managed in this climate with very basic necessities

For me Christmas is cold weather and snow - this is what I am used to. I spent two Christmases in Germany and it didn't feel right as there was no snow; just rain. I couldn't get into the holiday spirit as for me that most vital for the season was missing.


David said...

I love cold weather and snow as well. Love the list of things you came up with.

That sound that the snow makes when it is being crunched down when you step on it, and also the sound of ice skipping across a frozen pond. As a kid, I would always break off pieces of ice and throw them out onto our pond.

The quietness of the snow is great as well - it always seems to create your own little world for you as well as making everything look so clean and nice when it first falls.