Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday's Poker Ride

I worked the past eight weekends and I made an effort to keep my calendar clear this weekend. On Sunday Husband and I decided to take our ATV and go out to a Poker ride. Not really environmentally friendly I know, but sometimes we need to offset our environmental efforts with some fun.

Son couldn't come along as he was just given the okay on Friday to remove his arm sling after wearing it for six weeks following the fracture of his left humerus bone, and daughter had a friend over plus we need a part to fix her quad. So that just left the two of us to play in the sunshine.

Here is Husband who has just unloaded the quad.

A very big turnout. They sold about 500 poker cards.

Most of the trail was nice and fairly easy. Along the way, I noticed a lot of flowers in bloom on the trailside- Indian Paintbrush, Anica, Ox-eye Daisy, wild Roses, Bunchberry, Buttercups, wild Strawberry, and Orange Hawkweed. There were also a large number of various butterflys about.

As we got closer to the end of the ride, the trail took a few turns for the worse. Huge mud holes made a lot of fun for some people, but not for us. We usually went around the holes, but here are a couple of photos of people who love the challange.

Two ATV's stuck in the mud (one if the foreground and a fellow standing in the back trying to pull his)

Two ATV's stuck in the front of the mud pit which eventually had to be winched out. There is always someone who will stop to help out.

We were rescuers at one point in the trails when we came around a corner to hear someone calling for help. An older lady (about 70) had driven her ATV though what looked like a shallow puddle, but in fact was a very deep hole. Her quad was tipping over and she was physically unable to get off, while her daughter was holding the quad from tipping into the hole. Husband jumped into the 'puddle' which was hip deep to the keep the quad from rolling, while myself and a teenage boy who happened along held on in the shallow side. The daughter managed to get the winch onto her ATV and pulled the lady out. Up until that point we had keep pretty dry ;)


Husband and I

It was a really fun day even if we had lousy poker hands!


Ruthy said...

So ein Poker Ride wäre auch was für uns gewesen. Mit dem "kleinen" Quad, das der Lieblingsmann bisher hatte. Aber mit seiner 700er Yamaha-Rennmaschnine ist Gelände fahren glaub ich nicht mehr so toll :-)

Liebe Grüße, Ruth

Carpe Diem said...

Das macht so viel spass Ruthy! Vielleicht muss du and deinem Mann uns besuchen... Wir gehen weider am 27 Juni.

Unser Quad ist eienen 500, aber die grossen maschinen sind die einzigen durch denn matsch gehen koennten. Wir sind ringsherum gefahren!