Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Assorted Bits

On Friday Husband took the day off to work on the septic pump. We had noticed water on the driveway which we had attributed to rain, but the last week has been very warm with no rain, so it definately wasn't that. Husband pulled lid off the septic tank only to find it was completely full with water and the pump (which pumps the water to the lagoon) had quit. Upon further investigation the pump was working fine, but the electrical box was completely corroded and needed replacing. The lagoon and tanks were already on the property when we bought it, and when we looked at our paperwork we found that it had all been installed in 2001. The tanks were full with water when we bought the land, so I guess the box had been sitting for 7 years under water - no wonder it was corroded!

In the evening we built a small fire in the firepit and roast weiners. My parents came over and we sat outside until about 10:30pm drinking mohitos and talking. After they left Husband and I sat out until midnight. It was such a lovely evening.

On Saturday we visited Art Knapps Plant Land for their big sale and purchased two rose bushes, a Ninebark, a Bleeding Heart, a Barbarry, a Dogwood and a Spirea for the back flowerbed that Husband prepared this year. Unfortunately you can't see much from the above photo, but it has also been planted with wildflowers (just beginning to grow) and an assortment of other plants.

Kaiser, our 'hot' dog.

Peppers in the green house which were started in the garage at the end of March. I think these are Hungarian Wax Peppers.

Manitoba Tomato also started in the garage and now in the large greenhouse.

Our garden in the forefront which is approximate 46'x40' and the two greenhouse in the back.

The peas are growing! Husband staked them on Sunday.

Lettuce (Heirloom Leaf Mix)

Forellenschluss Lettuce

Zucchini growing outside. We also have two plants in the large greenhouse with are triple the size of the outdoor plants.

Farm shoes

For Father's Day I had planned to make English Muffins and make a wonderful brunch. Unfortunately I came down with the stomach flu and was so ill I didn't manage to do anything at all. Husband took it easy and we did sit out in the sun together for a while.

Today is Summer Solsitice, the longest day of the year. Where we live we can expect daylight from 4:39 am to 9:47 pm for a total of 17h 07m 40s, but it is light for much longer. Last night it was still light out at 10:30pm. Oh, it's all downhill to the the dark winter days now ;(


Roasted Garlicious said...

Happy Solstice!!!! am enjoying the long evening as well!!! your peppers look awesome!!! i started mine early but they have just stalled, only just recently deciding to grow a few more leaves.. hoping the weather warms and they get a kickstart :D