Monday, August 16, 2010

Chicken Coop Re-Do

We have been needing to rebuild the chicken/duck coop for a while. Since Cockzilla's disappearing/reappearing trick we couldn't wait any longer. We have a lot of fox in the area and can't risk them getting into the pen for a tasty meal.

The pen as it was

Husband having taken off the the plywood temporary roof and wire

Building the outside walls up higher
Husband being supervised by the chickens
Daughter painting the hen house
Proper roof being put on complete with an asphalt shingling material to keep off the rain and snow
The finished product

My job is to now clean out the old manure and replenish with clean hay. Unfortunately I have run out of hay and only have a half bale left. Friends of our have hay put aside for us and were going to deliver it, but it appears we will have to pick it up as we can't wait any longer.