Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Heat Wave and Fires

The heat wave continues and the past two days has seen temperatures of 32c (90f) which for us is extremely hot.

I took this photo yesterday morning as the sky seemed very strange when I woke up. It had a yellowish cast, there was a haze hanging around, and the sun was a bright orange (the photo doesn't quite do the colour justice).

The haze is actually smoke from all of the forest fires burning in British Columbia. There are a few in our area, but not close enough to be of any concern. The smoke just blows everywhere and is causing air quality advisories for people with respiratory difficulties.

According to the news this morning 70% of the British Columbia is under extreme fire danger. I never thought I would actually say this, but... "I wish it would rain!"

I don't think we have had any rain to speak of since about mid-June. Usually it rains in the evening during the summer, but we haven't even had that.

We have been watering the gardens, greenhouses and new sod like crazy. I'm scared we may run the well dry! So far so good....


Hopeful said...

hang in there and hope Fall comes soon!