Saturday, April 30, 2011


As you will know from earlier posts our rooster Cockzilla has been residing in our garage for the past three weeks so that his half naked body had a chance to recover.

In the past weeks his feathers have grown back in and we decided today that perhaps he could rejoin the rest of the flock.  I had the hens and Lucky our other rooster outside to range, and Husband brought out Cockzilla.

We suspected that a cockfight would happen, and it did, within just a few minutes of 'Zilla rejoining, he and Lucky squared off.

Unfortunately Cockzilla was not the winner which is too bad as he is certainly the better rooster.  He is the one who always looks out for the hens and is gentle with them, while Lucky is rather a brute.  After the fight Lucky kept between Cockzilla and the hens; he wouldn't let 'Zilla near them.  Husband took a screaming Lucky and put him in the brooder box, to give Cockzilla a chance to reacquinted with the hens.  I'm not sure what our next course of action may be....

Lucky in brown in the left corner

Cockzilla in the grey approaching

Cockzilla pounces

I am happy to report the fight was over quickly with noone injured, though Cockzilla did lose a couple of feathers.


Jody said...

We're having our own chicken feuds here. We keep just three hens for eggs and one of them seems picked on by the other two. Her cockscomb is torn and bloody. Any thoughts?

Carpe Diem said...

Jody, chickens can be so very mean. To help stop the picking, you can purchase some red ointment from the feedstore and smear it on the chicken. The taste is foul (fowl haha) to the birds and helps to stop the pecking. You may also have to separate the the injured bird until healed, as the blood will continue to entice the other birds to peck. I hope that helps somewhat. Good luck!