Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tree Repair

Today was the day to repair my broken fruit trees before the sap begins running.  All three apple, the cherry as well as the Mountain Ash had branches snap off due to the heavy snowfall this winter.  I went to our local Art Knapps Plantland and picked up some 'artificial bark' which is meant to repair tree wounds (first aid for trees)  I applied the formula to the areas where the small branches broke off and to any parts where the bark was damaged.

While I was out I also stopped by the local hardware store to purchase white hockey tape which is used to wrap/bind branches about the thickness of your thumb back to the tree trunk.  The hockey tape is fabric and has some stretch to it so that as the tree grows there is a bit of give.  The hockey tape should stay on for about 2 years to give the branch time to adhere back onto the trunk.
One apple tree before repair

Apple tree after repair

As we were out with the trees Husband took a look at the lilac that we planted last year and was rather surprised to see the during the winter the mice had burrowed to it under the snow and had chewed away all the bark around the base of the plant.  Hopefully it will survive.

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Dr. Momi said...

I so wish I had read your post before we just trimmed off the branches of our apple trees. We had the same damage this year! I'll be ready next year!

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thanks for sharing, you give some ideas about tree repair, I have some roses in my backyard!