Sunday, April 17, 2011

Husband's Projects Around the Acreage

Husband usually has several projects on the go or in his mind that he is planning for the near future.

Yesterday, he worked in the large greenhouse fixing the roof ridge pieces that broke from the heavy snow, but the plastic will have to be replaced at a later time. He did manage to find an entire roll of poly in the storage box, so that saves us from having to buy more. He also wants to build up the boxes on the floor of the greenhouse so that we can add more soil as last year we found it wasn't deep enough.

He is already planning the construction of our third greenhouse which he's been talking about since last year.

The next big project is constructing the pig ark and fencing (once the snow is gone). He wants to build one like this but to hinge one section of the roof so that we can lift it for easier cleaning inside the ark.
The design can be found here.

We have also been talking about building a root cellar. We don't have an adequate space in the house, garage or crawspace, so we are considering going the old timers route and digging into the ground, building a 'box' that can be buried and accessed from one side. It needs to be investigated and planned some more, but should be doable fairly close to the house.

Other then the above he also has the garage full of bedding plants for the flower gardens and has started a lot of the vegetables... now waiting for the third week of May or so for the garden planting


Nuri Rossignol said...

Wow, lots of projects coming your way. You just gotta wait for the right time and weather to accomplish all of those. Speaking of which, how big are your current greenhouses? Do you use some sort of special roofing for those?