Monday, May 23, 2011

Gourmet Dinner at Home

This was a long weekend for Canadians as today was Victoria Day celebrating the birthday of Queen Victoria (for our country's British heritage)

Husband, Son and I spent most of the weekend outdoors weeding, cleaning and getting the gardens ready for planting. We took breaks to talk to the pigs helping them get used to us and their new environment. The neighbours also brought their young children over to spend some time with the goslings and to see the piglets... there's nothing cuter then seeing toddlers with animal babies!

Daughter had a project to complete this weekend for her Foods 9 class - to cook and present a gourmet meal. How wonderful to come in after the garden work, have a hot shower and then be served a beautiful meal. Here are the photos documenting her meal... and it was delicious!


Table Setting

Mozzerella and Sweet Basil Bruschetta

Main Course
Savoury Chicken Bake
White Wine Asparagus Risotto
Cucumber Yogurt Salad

Diabolic Cheesecake with Sliced Strawberries


Stephanie Ann said...

Looks delicious! The desert looks fantastic.

Jody said...

If your needs extra credit, she's welcome to make something for our table anytime! It looks delightful!