Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Pigs Have Arrived!

Thursday afternoon Husband and I drove to the next town to meet up with the people who were selling the piglets. We waited in the Co-op parking lot not knowing who we were meeting, or what they were driving. As we waited Husband made a comment wondering if this is what drug dealers feel like when they're waiting to make an exchange.

After about 25 minutes a silver pickup truck roared up next to us... they has obviously seen the dog crates in the back of our truck with which to transport the pigs.

They had a wire dog crate containing six piglets as they were meeting another buyer as well as us.

Pigs were grabbed by their back legs and ferried over into our crates. We expected a lot of squealing but only one protested... probably because they were fast asleep by the time they arrived at the Co-op.

When we got home and hour and a half later the pigs were fast asleep again. After getting the pig ark filled with hay Husband began to unload the piglets into their new pen, only to have one escape between the fencing slats... they were a lot smaller than he had anticipated when building the fence. So we ran around trying to catch her, looking like a bunch of maniacs I'm sure. Once caught and secured, we had to fix the fencing so that they wouldn't get out again. When all four pigs were in their new home Daughter had names for them all within a few minutes. We now have Boris, Delicious, Bacon and Miss Piggy at the acreage.

The pigs are very skittish but are beginning to slowly get used to us. Son was even able to scratch one's back as he fed them today.

So, our adventures in pig raising has begun!

Posted on Homestead Barn Hop #14


Jill @ The Prairie Homestead said...

Oh congrats! Looks like you will have a whole new adventure in front of you! I've been trying and trying to find some pigs for us, but no luck... I'm dying for some home-raised pork! Thanks for sharing with the Homestead Barn Hop this week!

Carpe Diem said...

Hi Jill,
I also had a very difficult time finding weaner pigs. We actually just passed the name of the pig breeder to someone else looking. I guess people just don't keep pigs anymore!

Stephanie Ann said...

We just sold 20 baby pigs. :( Now we are left with 3. They are really cute. Our like to weasel out of the fencing and play in the little stream.