Saturday, May 14, 2011


This year we have had an influx of mice We noticed it when the snow melted and saw all sorts of tunnels in our new grass, plus the small gnaw marks on our shrubs.

We also see them around the yard and scurrying to hide under he front deck. Kaiser, our dog, tries to catch them and when they disappear he takes huge long sniffing breaths trying to discover where they went.

Daughter let out a scream the other morning when she got out of the shower... a mouse was in the hallway just outside the bathroom door. I have had two traps set up but no luck yet.


Anonymous said...

Hi Uta,
We bought some interesting mouse poison at the Northern. It was in the shape of a small bar, and if they ate it, they died... Not great if you have small children around, but otherwise it works great. It got rid of ours and I haven't seen any for years. They had come in via the fresh air intake for the furnace and were seen in several areas of the house.
Yuck! Good luck.

Carpe Diem said...

Hi Barb,
Husband said the same thing about the fresh air intake. I haven't seen the mouse yet... maybe he left the same way he came in (I can only hope!)
Do you put the mouse poison outside? I worry about the dog or poultry getting at it but I'm sure I can find a spot which they won't get at. The next time I'm at the Northern I'll check it out.

Annie said...

You don't have a cat? That would be a big help. We got Ginger last year, and she is fantastic at catching mice!

Carpe Diem said...

No I don't have a cat... Husband doesn't want a cat, though seeing his newly laid lawn from last year all torn up, he may be having a second thoughts.