Friday, May 13, 2011


We are amassing poultry this week.

The chicks we hatched are now a week and a half old. Of the 16 eggs (I miscounted them as 17) six actually hatched and another ten formed but didn't develop all the way. Daughter was brave and opened up the unhatched eggs.

On Wednesday I placed another 16 Americauna eggs and 10 Khaki Campbell duck eggs in the incubator. I'm going to turn the egg more often to see if that will increase the hatch rate.

The kids and I went out to the farm I visited last week to pick up our three goslings. They are so cute and just want to be held.

And where should all these babies end up? The garage of course!

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This is so cool!  The above portion of the post was written and uploaded from a new app on my iPhone (there really does appear to be an app for everything!)  Now I can actually blog while I'm out and about!

The video above is from the day we brought the goslings home.  As you can see they just want to sit in Daughter's lap.

Today I ordered 25 Barred Plymouth Rock and 25 Frey's Special Dual Purpose from Frey's Hatchery in Ontario.  I just found their website yesterday quite by mistake as I was looking a the Northern BC Poultry and Small Animal website.  I was pleasantly surprised when I called them this morning as their prices are very reasonable (rather good in fact!)

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