Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sadie's Horse Bean

Today I planted some Sadie's Horse Bean seeds(?)  that I ordered from Heritage Harvest Seeds early this spring.  The description in the seed catalogue caught my eye and I decided I really needed to try these.  I hope June 5th is not too late to plant these, but I wanted to wait until the ground warmed up some, and this year things are taking a little longer than usual.

When I opened the package I was in awe of how big and beautiful these beans are.... 

Here are a few left over, some of the beans were white, some purple and pink with spots as well these these brown speckeled beans.

From the seed catalogue:

A beautiful heirloom runner bean that was grown in the same family for over one hundred years! Huge beans have to be seen to be believed and come in a gorgeous mix of colors including pink mottled black, lavender mottled brown and pure white. The pods are also huge and can be eaten as a snap when very young. This bean is truly one of the most ornamental vegetables you can grow. The vigorous vines are covered in a mix of white and red flowers all summer long and also attracts hummingbirds. Simply breathtaking! (110 days for dried beans) Pole.

So I really hope that the Sadie's Horse Bean grows.  I have them planted at our 'crazy' garden next to a large trellis.  This is the spot were all things can grow and get out of control if it wants to, and we have horseradish, rhubarb, peppermint, english mint, chives, lovage and also wild flowers growing.

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Dr. Momi said...

I planted scarlet bean runners this year. I was surprised at how big the seeds were. Post pictures later on!