Saturday, June 4, 2011

Trip to the Feed Store

A few days ago I was told about a feed store waaaay on the other side of town from me.  I never knew about this particular store, but was told I should check it out as their prices were pretty good.  Before making the long trip out there, I decided to call first and compare prices to the store where I normally purchase our feed.  Well their prices were not only pretty good - they were PHENOMENAL!  He even carries dog food made in British Columbia made with BC ingredients at (get this!) a third of the price of what I currenty pay for dog food (which is not even local).

So this morning Husband and I set out to the feed store with long list in hand....
250 kg of pig grower
2 large dog food
1 bag hen scratch
8 bags layer feed
2 bags medicated chick starter
2 bags unmedicated chick starter
1 bag grit
4 bales of straw

We calculated that we drove home with 3/4 of a ton in the back of the pick up truck (good thing its a big truck), and for all of that we paid $387.68

If I purchase 2 bags of dog food and 8 bags of layer at my regular store I have already spent around $255.00, so I'm very pleased to have obtained so much feed for a very reasonable price, plus the owner was extremely nice and knowledgeable.  It is defininately worth the gas money for the trip out.

So I think we are set in the feed department for awhile and I'm all prepared for our new hatchlings and the chicks which will be arriving in 2 weeks.


Jody said...

So glad you found the store. We travel 34 miles round trip, just for chicken feed. It's made with local grain by the same guy we buy it from -totally worth it!

Annie said...

It sounds like you got a great deal at the other feed store! I'd love to have savings like that.

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See you over on The Journey!

San Thomos said...

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