Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter Photos 1951

When my mother-in-law passed away we were left with boxes of photographs.  Husband's sister said we should take the photos home, pull out what we wanted and she would go through the leftovers at a later time.

Last night instead of watching television we decided it would be fun to go through one of the boxes.  Many photos were of our wedding, the kids, sister-in-laws wedding and pictures of modern time, but there were also a stack of pictures ranging from the late 1920s into the 50s.  I though I would share 2 photos that I liked.

Husband grew up in a small village in the interior of British Columbia called Little Fort (previously called Mount Olie).  His family came to the village in the 1920's and his sister still resides there.  I find it interesting that he and his sister attended the same one room school house that his grandmother and mother attended.  The school closed a few years ago and I have to wonder how many small one or two room schools there are nowadays.

These photos are stamped Feb 2 1951 and that winter must have been quite severe for someone wanting to capture them on film.

This first photo shows a snowplow on the street in front of the community hall.  Husband said the hall burnt down and another built in its place, which was also consumed by fire shortly after being buit.  The third community hall built on the property is further back from the road and still stands.

I love this photo of a woman hanging laundry in the snow.  I assume this photo is of Husband's grandmother, but I'm not sure as it is difficult to see her face.  I guess this picture gets me thinking that I have a clothes line that I use in summer, but I never hang out laundry in the winter and always use the dryer... I think I should try it sometime!


Jody said...

That's a lot of snow. It amazing what we can do when it's required of us.

Anonymous said...

I bet that laundry smelled gorgeous. I've always pegged out, even in the snow (but not quite that much snow), and the smell is so fresh - better than any fabric conditioner!!! Hugs from Bev x

Andrew said...

Hard workers those older rural homesteaders were.

Misty Meadows said...

I love the village of Little Fort. Been there a few times.

When we were kids, we always hung our clothes on the line. Didn't matter the weather. I remember very stiff blue jeans, and towels. We had a clothes horse in front of the wood stove, to soften them up. Did alot of ironing when I was a kid!!!

Thanks for sharing the photos. I enjoyed them.

Happy New Year! I hope you have a better one!

selfsufficient11 said...

Beautiful picture..